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Your DJ can MAKE or BREAK your Wedding!

Ever experienced a wedding fail?! I've seen some fails at the weddings that I've Dj'd at but those weren't my fault. I can't control whether the bride slips and falls during her first dance. I can't control if the Maid of Honor gives a 30 minute speech and the guest say "hurry up" or "start clapping" to obviously rush her to finish her speech. I can only control what I say and do however I do believe in educating the newlyweds on what works best during certain time of events. I would never allow my clients to blindly experience their wedding. I share what wedding fails I have experienced and they automatically take in my advise.

For example, if there's going to be alcohol at the wedding, I always advise to start drinking alcohol at a later time. The reason being, I've had to talk a groom into doing his first dance with his newlywed wife. It was only 8:00pm and he was drunk! I've seen it all! I can on about these wedding fails forever however wedding vendors usually share the "GREAT MOMENTS." There's a reason for that but we can save that for another day.

CHOOSE YOUR WEDDING DJ WISELY! Don't always go with the most affordable or 1st DJ you've met with've seen the DJ at multiple weddings and know the DJ is the one for you. There should also be a natural chemistry between you and the DJ. You're about to give the DJ the responsibility to keep the itinerary flow and an awkward DJ will BREAK your wedding. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow your budget some wiggle room when booking. There's nothing like the uneasy feeling finding out the cost of the DJ is out of your budget. The feeling is horrible and trust me, the DJ won't feel bad. That DJ knows their worth and understands the complexity and responsibility of being the DJ.

I hope this helps as you go through your wedding planning journey. If you think you've booked the wrong DJ then schedule another meeting with your DJ and trust your gut. Most of us have a natural intuition when meeting the right person for the job. Also, don't expect to get your deposit back if you decide to change your mind; just an FYI.

Thanks for reading, I'll be back to provide more insight.

Joshua Salazar, Owner of Gala Event Services

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